Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Roundup of Easy Ways to Take Action Against the Stupak Amendment

Posted by: Maya Dusenbery

By now we know that the extreme anti-choice Stupak Amendment, which made its way into the House health care reform bill last weekend, would effectively eliminate private insurance coverage of abortion and have enormous real life effects on women's reproductive health access.

While we're all pretty upset that Congress threw women's rights under the bus, thankfully, there is still time to stop it. So here's a roundup of some easy ways to take action and do your part...

Tell President Obama to stand up for women's health and rights (from Planned Parenthood Federation of America)

Tell President Obama, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi: "Don't let backdoor deals lead to back alley abortions" (from AlterNet)

Call on Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to block the Stupak Amendment (from NARAL Pro-choice America)

Stand with the more than 40 pro-choice Democratic congresswomen who have signed a letter to Nancy Pelosi (from the Bold Progressives)

Tell your representatives you want them to sign the letter to Nancy Pelosi (from the Center for Reproductive Rights)

Tell the vulnerable House Democrats who voted against the Stupak Amendment and for health care reform that "We've Got Your Back" (from the Daily Kos)

Find out if your representative is one of the House Democrats who voted for the Stupak Amendment and against health care reform (and give them a piece of your mind).

Any other petitions you've seen out there? Leave them in the comments. And Tweet, Facebook, and email this list around.

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