Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Stop This Outrage to Women

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Stop Stupak/Pitts!
Fax them All!

Urge your Senators to oppose any and all attempts to attach Stupak/Pitts to the Senate bill. Women won't go back!

Take Action

We are making it loud and clear to Congress that the Bart Stupak (D-MI)/Joe Pitts (R-PA) Amendment to the House health care reform bill that bans abortion coverage is not acceptable. We must contact our Senators now. To make it easier, we are asking you to sign a petition that we will fax to Senators' offices. We must keep it off the Senate bill.
Many Senators now block e-mails from those outside their states. This is a national issue and we want Senators to hear the nation's outrage, so we are asking you to sign a petition, which we will fax to Senators' offices.
The Stupak/Pitts amendment bans abortion coverage in both the public option and private insurance plans in the future insurance exchange. Women will not even be able to purchase abortion coverage with their own dollars if Stupak/Pitts finally passes.
Far from being abortion-neutral, the Stupak/Pitts Amendment, dictated in a back room by the Catholic Bishops and its army of lobbyists, is a giant step backward for women's right to choose. Millions of poor and middle class women will be denied abortion coverage and millions more will lose the coverage they already have. Today, some 85% of private plans cover abortion - including the National Republican Committee's health plan. (Having been exposed, the NRC is scrambling to cancel it now.)
We can win. Now as the health care reform fight moves to the Senate, we must make sure this killer amendment is not attached to the Senate bill and that the Senate bill includes the public option. Urge your Senators to oppose any and all attempts to attach Stupak/Pitts to the Senate bill.
Then we must make sure it is not attached to the Senate/House Conference Committee final bill. Some 40 pro-choice members led by Diana DeGette (D-CO) have pledged they will not vote yes on final passage if the abortion ban remains on the Senate/House Conference bill. We are determined to stop vitally needed federal legislation from being used as a vehicle to hijack women's rights. Tell your Senators to stop Stupak/Pitts.
Ellie Smeal
Eleanor Smeal
Feminist Majority Foundation

P.S. We must make a difference before it is too late. Please sign the petition and then pass it on to everyone who cares about women's rights!
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