Thursday, November 19, 2009

Urgent: Doctors' lives at North Carolina clinic are being threatened

Feminist Majority Foundation - Equality around the world
The lives of doctors and clinic employees at Family Reproductive Health in
Charlotte, North Carolina are being threatened.
The clinic needs our help now.

Take Action to Protect a Women's Health Clinic under Attack in Charlotte, NC. And to help FMF's National Clinic Access Project.

Make a special, tax deductible contribution today!

Take Action

Ever since the murder of Dr. George Tiller, threats against clinics and
 health care workers are escalating. Operation Save America is trying to
shut down this vital women's health care and abortion provider.
Just recently, anti-abortion extremists published the photographs and
identifying information on two doctors in a WANTED poster. Similar posters
appeared before the brutal murders of two doctors in Pensacola, Florida.

Feminist Majority Foundation National Clinic Access Project senior staff,
our legal coordinator and our director of law enforcement liaison, just traveled
to Charlotte to assist the clinic. They met with clinic owner, Deborah Walsh,
her medical director and staff as well as community pro-choice supporters.
We are determined to do everything we can to keep Family
Reproductive Health open and its patients, doctors and staff safe.

Help the physicians, staff and patients of Family Reproductive Health
Half of your contribution will go directly to the clinic to help pay for increased legal
and skyrocketing security costs - two new video surveillance cameras,
video cameras for legal observers, and other enhanced security measures.

This clinic needs our help. Operation Save America leader Flip Benham
and his followers - including a registered sex offender -- set up a tall ladder
to peer over the clinic's 6-foot privacy fence and scream into the clinic with an
amplified sound system. Protesters are allowed to swarm cars and come within
inches of doctors and women patients as they enter and exit the driveway of the

The other half of your emergency contribution will help support our National
Clinic Access Project's work to keep this clinic and other besieged clinics
across the country safe and open. The demand for our work is dramatically
increasing. As I write this we have staff in Nebraska helping Dr. Carhart and
his clinic which is also heavily targeted.

Meanwhile, we are also working very closely with Family Reproductive Health,

its clinic staff, and pro-choice community volunteers to stop the relentless
harassment and threats. We must ensure the safety of their courageous doctors
and their staff as well as women seeking health services at the clinic.

Without doctors and clinics to provide safe, legal abortions and access to

birth control, there can be no choice for women.
Family Reproductive Health and our National Clinic Access Project.
Together, we are making a difference.

For Women's Lives,

Ellie Smeal
Katherine Spillar
Executive Vice President
Feminist Majority Foundation

P.S. Act Now to ensure the safety of the courageous doctors and staff as well as women seeking health services at the Family Reproductive Health clinic.

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