Monday, November 2, 2009

Urgent: an outrageous action against Reproductive Rights & Women: Act NOW

Planned Parenthood


A few days ago, it felt as if we were holding strong in achieving health care reform that would finally ensure comprehensive coverage for everyone. As the legislation began moving closer to a vote, I knew that our job holding on to our reproductive health victories would be hard ... and then I received a copy of a memo that the Catholic bishops sent to their congregations.

As I write this, the bishops have asked all the Catholics in the country to contact their legislators, asking them to alter current health care legislation to include anti-choice amendments. The bishops have inserted letters into church bulletins and asked priests to include their call to action in their sermons — and even in their prayers — during Sunday services.

It's clear that every group opposed to a woman's right to choose is pulling out all the stops this week to bring all the progress we've made on health care reform to a grinding halt. The results could be devastating to everyone who desperately needs health care, including the women, men, and teens that Planned Parenthood serves. Once again, we urgently need your help.

First, please contact your senators and representative right now, asking them to protect women, to protect our health care, to protect our rights and not cave to the vocal minority. I know that you've likely e-mailed and called before, and I'm asking you to do it again today — and it won't be the last time. Thank you for not letting up.

Second, spread the word. I truly believe that if people know what the bishops and other groups are doing, they will be outraged, and they will speak up. Drowning them out won't be easy, but your action today will help.

One thing I know for sure — the bishops don't speak for all Catholics. From one Catholic Planned Parenthood supporter:
What bothers me most is this: Millions of people are uninsured and hundreds of thousands die every year as a result. And, to see my church sacrifice health care reform for the sake of this one issue is just going too far. They don't represent me, and they don't represent my beliefs. I'm speaking out, and I'm asking my Catholic friends and family to do the same.
If you're Catholic and you disagree with the bishops, please let your legislators know when you send your message. Your voice as a pro-choice Catholic needs to be heard NOW.

We are so close, jerin. In my lifetime, we've never been closer to expanding access to affordable health care for everyone. I don't think we'll get another chance, and we've got to do everything we can not to let it slip away. Rest assured, Planned Parenthood is doing all we can. Every time a group tries to limit the care and rights of women and their families, we will be here for them. And we know that you, too, will be right here with us. Thank you.


Cecile Richards, President
Planned Parenthood Action Fund

P.S. As usual, this fight doesn't come cheap. It's taxing every cent of our resources. If you can help with your financial support, we'll be so very grateful. Thank you.

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