Saturday, December 5, 2009

Action Alert: Help elect FIRST woman from MA to Senate

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December 05, 2009
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Martha Coakley in Close Race for US Senate
Massachusetts is about to make history toward electing the first woman to the U.S. Senate on Tuesday. NOW/PAC endorsed candidate Martha Coakley is a true progressive. She was the only candidate in this race to stand up for reproductive rights during the recent health reform debate and she has been a true leader on marriage equality. She can win, but Martha needs your help to make this a reality. Recent polling has shown that the race is tightening and that a frightening 93% of voters don't know the date of the election.
Martha Coakley's campaign is appealing for help to change all this TODAY. They need activists to make calls from home to tens of thousands of voters throughout Massachusetts.
Activists can volunteer to make these vital phone calls by sending an email to and including their phone number. She will contact the activist immediately and get the caller set up on the campaign's call from home program.
Hundreds of activists are already involved in this critical voter outreach. Martha Coakley urges volunteers to email to join the team.
For more information call the campaign at 617-241-0200.

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