Friday, December 4, 2009

Action Alert: Sign Petition for Paid Sick Days leave in NY

We Can Pass Paid Sick Days!
New Yorkers have sent 500 messages to Speaker Quinn -- help us reach 1,000 next week!

We're halfway there.

Before the Thanksgiving weekend, we set a goal of sending 1,000 messages to New York City Council Speaker Christine Quinn asking her to hold a vote on paid sick days for all NYC workers.

Thanks to your overwhelming response, we've already sent nearly 500 messages. Help us reach 1,000 by next week!

Over a million workers in New York City need this sick days bill to pass.
Right now, they're forced to choose between earning their paycheck and taking the time off they need to get healthy -- and to avoid infecting co-workers or customers.

That's why this sick days bill doesn't just matter to the people who don't have them. By making sure these workers can stay home or go to the hospital when sick, every New Yorker who rides the subway, eats at restaurants or shops in stores will be healthier.

If you haven't yet sent a message, take just 30 seconds to do it right now:

The City Council's last meeting of the year is just weeks away. This will be the last chance for the Council to vote on sick days this year -- so we want to reach our goal of sending 1,000 messages to the Speaker ASAP.

Will you help?


Emmanuel Caicedo, Working Families Paid Sick Days Team

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