Friday, December 4, 2009

Choice USA with lobby day update

Please read an email from Choice USA, one of the organizations who were lobbying in DC on Wed, Dec 2 for choice.

Jerin Alam
Co Chair, NOW - NYS Young Feminist Task Force

Jein Alam,

Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you did on Wednesday to make sure the youth voice was heard on the Hill!  The young people at the Rally here in DC were amazing, inspiring, passionate and present in serious numbers.  Cecile Richards of Planned Parenthood said in her Huffington Post article, "One of the amazing moments of the day came in the morning, when Kierra Johnson from Choice USA asked everyone who was born post-Roe v. Wade to raise their hands, and a majority of the room raised their hands. Young people definitely came out in force."  That force was amplified by every single one of you who made a call to Senate. 

Whether you came to DC to rally and lobby, hosted an event in States from Michigan to Georgia, or called into Senate with hundreds of other young people, thank you.  And thank you to those who are continuing to host events through the end of the month.  You rock!  Together we made it loud and clear that our generation cares about comprehensive healthcare that gives us what we need.

As we track what is going on with healthcare reform, we'll continue to make sure our voices are front and center in the debate.  Look for updates from us and opportunities to take action as the Bills move.  In the meanwhile, we'd love to know what you did in your state Wednesday.  If you have pictures, event information, call numbers, anything, email us at  All this information helps us plan our next steps in the fight for healthcare reform that doesn't leave us out.

High fives to each and every one of you!
-Choice USA

PS.  Couldn't get to the Hill Wednesday but still want to take a stand?  Help amplify the youth voice in the healthcare reform debate by donating today.
Choice USA, 1317 F Street NW, Suite 501, Washington, DC 20004

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