Thursday, December 3, 2009

From Twitter 12-02-2009

  • 01:36:34: Will not get enough sleep tonight. Must make 6:20am bus tomorrow morn. But will be fun with @TrixieFilms @ShelbyKnox on bus #stopstupak
  • 01:37:41: Can't wait to see @clinicescort @kadarliikeradar @feministcampus & others during national lobby day for reproductive care #stopstupak
  • 08:44:10: - Sunrise on our way to DC for national lobby day to #stopStupak with @shelbyknox @
  • 08:49:12: On bus to DC for national lobby day to #stopstupak with @foxfar @shelbyknox @trixieFilms @happyfeminist @almafrolatina @NLIRH
  • 09:21:53: On @NLIRH bus to DC. Cant wait to see @kadarlikeradar & other @feministcampus danielle val tania patrice. National lobby day to #stopStupak
  • 14:01:59: So many young activists here. @elliesmeal & @feministcampus gr8 about organizing us #stopstupak lobby day
  • 14:20:37: Awesome congresswoman jane harman just said the other f word. She said thank you #feminist national lobby day to #stopstupak
  • 14:24:26: Congresswoman rosa de lauro speaking right now. Another amazing pro choice champion. National lobby day to #stopstupak
  • 14:28:35: New york pro choice congresswoman in the house. WOO HOO! National lobby day to #stopstupak
  • 14:32:12: Congresswoman carolyn maloney speaking now. LOVE her feminist style. National lobby day to #stopstupak
  • 17:08:38: Gave a piece of our mind to anti choice congressman lee from new york- one of only 2 NY representatives to vote for stupak. #stopstupak

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