Thursday, December 24, 2009

Healthcare and Sexual Violence Survey

National Alliance to End Sexual Violence


The National Alliance to End Sexual Violence, National Women’s Law Center, Resource Sharing Project, and National Sexual Violence Resource Center are conducting a brief survey to better understand the barriers that sexual assault victims face in the health insurance arena. We hope you can help lend a voice to this effort and share what you know through your work with individuals who have experienced sexual assault. Please circulate this email and survey widely, especially with local service providers who have information to share on this issue.
Completing the Survey: You can access the survey at:
It should take you approximately 30 minutes to complete the survey.
Deadline: We hope to have your responses by January 8, 2010.
How Responses will be Used: Your responses will help inform resource development, collaborations, and advocacy around health insurance and healthcare policy.
Questions: If you have questions about this survey or wish to discuss it further, please contact Donna Greco, Training and Technical Assistance Supervisor, National Sexual Violence Resource Center, 877-739-3895, ext. 131 or
Thank you for your time and input on this important matter!

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