Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Remember Afghan Women and Girls

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Remember Afghan Women & Girls

As you watch President Obama speak tonight on Afghanistan and US policies, please remember Afghan women and girls. We must not forget the horrific human rights abuses toward women and girls that have been and are being committed by the Taliban.

Today, the Feminist Majority Foundation joined Women for Afghan Women in a press conference to keep in focus the plight of Afghan women and girls. Many of you have participated in our Campaign for Afghan Women and Girls that was begun in 1997. Then, the Taliban ruled: women and girls were not allowed to be educated, employed, go outside their homes without the company of a close male relative, go to a male doctor (female doctors were forbidden to work), or go to a hospital.  Girl babies were even forbidden treatment by male doctors.  Women were beaten and killed for violations of intolerable restrictions.

Since 2005, deadly attacks on Afghan civilians, relief workers, teachers, and private contractors have been increasing.  Women who are aid workers, elected officials, government employees, and journalists have been especially targeted by extremists with the Taliban often claiming responsibility.

Today, where the Taliban holds sway, atrocities are regularly committed against Afghan women and girls. Over 1000 girls' schools have been destroyed.

Click here to view our press release.

As you listen to President Obama, please think of Afghan women and girls struggling for their rights. We must not abandon them again.

For Equality,

Ellie Smeal
Eleanor Smeal
Feminist Majority Foundation

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