Tuesday, January 12, 2010

3 Million Young Americans Need You

Congress is about to pass major health care reform. This is great news. Unfortunately, the legislation being considered contains provisions for "catastrophic care" plans that create a "doughnut hole" where millions of people - including young people and low- and moderate- income people of all ages - will earn too much to qualify for adequate subsidies, but too little to afford quality insurance.

We're asking you to help us get this fixed before the final legislation is passed. Why? So over 3 million young Americans, most of them making between 225% and 325% of the federal poverty level, can get access to basic primary and emergency room care. The bartenders, salespeople, cooks, security guards, and barbers. The freelancers and part-time workers. The recent college graduates in entry-level jobs. The people you know. And, just maybe, you yourself.

What kind of changes are necessary? A "floor" for health plans requiring some basic coverage for primary care, an increase in transparency regarding catastrophic care plans, and an adjustment to minimum deductibles. It's all outlined here, in the Young Invincibles policy memo on catastrophic care.
Please send a letter to your representatives today and tell them to support these fixes to catastrophic care plans. Then, place a call to their offices through the Capitol switchboard: (202) 224-3121.

All young people deserve better than insurance in name only. 3 million young Americans need you today.

Choice USA and the Y.I. Want Change Coalition

PS. Here's how to decode the healthcare speak in the linked letters:
    CBO= Congressional Budget Office
    HHS= Health and Human Services
    HSA= Health Savings Account
    Sunshine Provisions= Provisions that make clear the relationship between doctors and the medical industry
    FPL= Federal Poverty Level

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