Friday, January 22, 2010

Call your Senate & House offices 1-888-423-5983 On The Anniversary of Roe

Today marks the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade- but this year, Roe's birthday is bittersweet. As we celebrate the power of that historical decision, we are also reflecting on the ongoing healthcare reform debate where we've seen Roe challenged, negotiated and whittled away. Choice USA sent news as the Stupak Amendment passed in the House, restricting both private and public abortion funding. Then word came that Nelson language in the Senate would require us to write two separate insurance premium checks, one for our abortion coverage and another for our general care. Our anti-choice opposition has successfully created a slew of barriers to our ability to access comprehensive reproductive healthcare.

This time last year, we believed Roe was safe- that under a new Administration, we might even bring an end to years of blatant discrimination against low-income women. We weren't prepared to have to fight for Roe, but the fight is here and it's critical we speak up. The most recent election in Massachusetts made the healthcare reform process even murkier. There are whispers here in DC that our rights are even more at risk. Some experts predict that anti-choice language will stay in the reform Bill and protection against pre-existing conditions and gender rating will disappear.

Your action is urgent! When we were on the Hill Wednesday, our champions in the House and Senate said they need to hear from pro-choice supporters. Let's honor our history by getting loud, standing up and demanding a place in shaping the future of reproductive health! Here's what you can do:
  • Call your Senate and House offices at 1-888-423-5983 and tell them you want healthcare reform that doesn't leave women and young people out. This means abortion coverage, staying strong with protection against gender rating and pre-existing conditions, funding for comprehensive sex education and a comprehensive health insurance option for young people. If you know your legislators are on our side, when you call thank them for staying strong in the fighting for women and young people in healthcare reform.
  • Support our work. With your donations we can keep the youth driven, pro-choice voice in this debate.
  • Tweet your legislators. Find Tweet points here!
  • Send a letter to your Senators and Representatives. Email us at and we'll coordinate delivering the letter to them personally.
Honor Roe and be a rabble-rouser for change!

In solidarity,
Choice USA

Choice USA, 1317 F Street NW, Suite 501, Washington, DC 20004

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