Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Choice USA on Fox News Tonight. Watch & then Hold CBS Accountable!

Tonight at 6PM Kierra will be featured on Fox News' Special Report with Bret Baier.  An anti-choice organization, Focus on the Family, is set to air an ad during the Superbowl that will feature a "life and family affirming message."

While their ad might be subtle, the same can't be said for Focus on the Family's agenda. The organization has a long history of discriminating based on gender, sexual orientation, choice and religion. Running their $2.5 million ad goes against CBS' own policy that keeps advocacy messages off their network. CBS has rejected ads they've deemed controversial from PETA,, United Church of Christ, and even ones that carry "implicit" endorsement for a side in a political debate. Kierra will be on Fox talking about the divisive ad and calling for CBS to take it off the air.

We wholly support the opportunity for a woman to tell the story of choices she made in building a family. We also believe this opportunity shouldn't be afforded only to people who have $2.5 million to place an ad. There is a time and a place for these kind of debates and the Superbowl is not one of them.

How can you say no to CBS and stand up for choice?
-Watch Kierra at 6PM on Fox
-Head here after to add pro-choice comments to the video clip of Kierra's interview (once it's posted). It's key we keep our voices on Fox's site!  We're already getting bombarded with calls here in the office from Focus on the Family supporters who've seen previews of tonight's news report.
-Sign onto the petition asking CBS to scrap the ad!

In Solidarity,
Choice USA

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