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Cyberstalking: How to Protect Yourself -- Upcoming Crime Prevention 101 Radio Show

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 What it is and how to protect yourself!

Upcoming Radio Show:

 Interview with Amy Edelstein, Cyberstalking Victim 

 Interview with Timothy Dimoff, Cyberstalking Expert  

*Air Date:  January 28, 2010 @8pm eastern*
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Cyberstalking: a new wrinkle; a new crime! 

NEW YORK - January 25, 2010 -  This week, I'm talking about cyberstalking, a type of stalking crime in which the stalker sends threatening or ominous messages using email, instant messaging, postings on a website or discussion group or on a social media site to harasses the victim.  This is a physically and emotionally draining crime and one that's punishable by law.
First up, you'll meet Amy Edelstein, a rape crisis program coordinator from New York City, who is both a stalking and cyberstalking victim with a very unusual twist to her story and really great information about what it's like going to court with these cases. 
Then I'll be speaking with Timothy Dimoff, President of SACS Consulting & Investigative Services based in Akron, OH (www.sacsconsulting.com), who's a specialist in the prevention of cyberstalking on social media sites.  If you're on Facebook, Twitter and any number of other popular sites (or you're planning to be), you won't want to miss this information.

And, of course, stay tuned for great safety tips and helpful resources.

It'd be a crime not to listen! 

To tune in, go to www.VoiceAmerica.com and look for Crime Prevention 101 in the search box; or simply use this shortcut  http://tinyurl.com/PreventCrime.

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Talking the Talk Because She's Walked the Walk!
Years ago, Susan Bartelstone had a bad break-up with a guy, complete with physical and emotional bruises, and determined to learn how to protect herself.  Today, she's a certified Crime Prevention Specialist and Personal Safety expert, with 17 years combined training in WWII Combatives, self defense and martial arts.  Along the way, she deterred five extremely dangerous criminal encounters, fought her way out of a surprise attack and, for more than 18 years, has taught safety skills to men and women from such organizations as American Express, the U.S. Post Office and the Livery Cab Owners Coalition of New York. 

Author of Think Fast and Prevent a Violent Crime:  How to Respond to Danger in 20 Seconds (or Less!), which is based on her own experiences, she's been featured in a long and varied list of media including the "Today Show," "America's Most Wanted" and Self Magazine. 

Over the years, she's helped thousands of people solve their personal safety dilemmas with her practical advice, which stresses the many opportunities you have to avoid or defuse a criminal encounter...and how to use your brains instead of your muscles in a fight.

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So often these people think they are above being held responsible or accountable for their actions. They need to be put in their place publicly every time.

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