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From Twitter 01-07-2010

  • 03:11:38: From Twitter 01-06-2010: 00:16:50: RT @NCJW: Overriding veto, new RI funeral rghts for gay couples http://www.wash...
  • 06:11:02: It's 5:10am & I'm still up :( Activist work is never done #feminism #insomnia
  • 10:13:06: Thu, Jan 7: 11am: A New Year's "Feminist Music Extravaganza": On Thursday,  January 7,  @ 11 amJoy of Resistance w...
  • 10:37:05: Press Conference to Kick Off Seventh Annual Battered Mothers/Child Custody Conference: Press Conference to Kick O...
  • 10:47:04: Federal Funding for Safe Havens Not Tracked: Covering Women's Issues - Changing Women's Lives Wednesday,...
  • 11:46:04: Give YOUR input on the final health care bill!: NYC for Change wants to make your voice heard in Washington....
  • 12:13:07: Tell Congress: Health Care Bill Must Drop Anti-Abortion Language, Include Public Option: If you are having troubl...
  • 14:51:13: Tonight! Fixing Health Care Reform: What Can Progressives Do Next?: ...
  • 20:02:44: So many organizations involved wi nyc organizing committee 4 healthcare reform such as national physicians alliance nyc chapter @prochoicemd
  • 20:05:06: Listening to why should we still care about healthcare reform? @ the @prochoicemd NPA healthcare reform teach in #stopstupak
  • 20:06:53: Most americans file bankruptcy due to medical bills @ the @prochoicemd NPA #healthcare reform teach in #stopstupak
  • 20:09:32: House version of bill better for the poor while senate version better for higher income americans @ #hcr teach in #stopstupak
  • 20:11:27: Both house & senate want to get rid of child health plus which would be disastrous for kids & families @ #hcr teach in #stopstupak
  • 20:14:49: #UnDocumented #immigrants will not be able to buy within the healthcare exchange even wi their OWN money @ #hcr teach in #stopstupak
  • 20:19:19: Public option is NOT dead just wi more limited scope. this #hcr will be architecture 2 build on @ #hcr teach in #stopstupak #publicoption
  • 20:20:56: Nelson has background in insurance. No surprise there. As advocates we must keep talking re #publicoption @ #hcr teach in #stopstupak
  • 20:21:58: If we continue to discuss #publicoption we can get other things in bill that are less of a long shot @ #hcr teach in #stopstupak
  • 20:27:34: House wants older americans to pay twice as much as young person. Senate wants them to pay three times #agism @ #hcr teach in #stopstupak
  • 20:37:33: Tim Foley explaining why single payer option is most cost effective. It would decrease administrative costs @ #hcr teach in #stopstupak
  • 20:39:13: single payer option is most cost effective. It would simplify costs by telling us what medical procedures should cost @ #hcr teach in
  • 20:43:17: Most provisions in bill will go into effect in 2013 @ #hcr teach in #stopstupak
  • 20:51:12: Exchange more affordable than current insurance due to power of group of people instead of just 1 person @ #hcr teach in #stopstupak
  • 20:53:56: Ny immigration coalition explaining why it doesn't make sense not to let undocumented immigrants buy into exchange wi own money #hcr
  • 20:55:33: 4 million #undocumented immigrants who get insurance now will lose coverage wi this bill @ #hcr teach in #stopstupak
  • 20:58:12: Anti immigration provisions in bill due to american need to punish someone. immigrants are lowest stratum of society @ #hcr teach in
  • 20:59:35: 60 % of new yorkers connected to #immigrants @ #hcr teach in #stopstupak
  • 21:01:13: Status quo in healthcare not sustainable. We need reform @ #hcr teach in #stopstupak
  • 21:14:01: Ask insurance companies & state regulators & employers who buy insurance for employees to write letters to speak against nelson amendment
  • 21:15:54: Letter should discuss how ridiculous & administrative nightmare it would be to have to write additional check for #abortion coverage #hcr
  • 21:17:22: Bill will not be end of conversation. Current version of social security & medicaid took decades to achieve @ #hcr teach in #stopstupak

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