Wednesday, January 27, 2010

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RT @TGworldNews For Transgender People, Name Is a Message. NY Times: #Transgender
RT @RayBeckerman Healthcare rally today -- White Plains NY @ Nita Lowey's office 4:30 PM #hcr
From @GABblog: Can Feminists Find a Place in the Catholic Church?
WaPo: Teenage pregnancy rate in US jumped for 1st time in more than a decade: We need comprehensive sex-ed! No ab-only!
Guerrila feminism: sexist ad edition (via @feministing):
More Features Beauty Editor 'Makeunders'
Rape Crisis Advocates: Participate in our "Day in the Life" Blog Contest!
RT @RayBeckerman Find a State of the Union Watch Party in your area:
Cyberstalking: How to Protect Yourself -- Upcoming Crime Prevention 101 Radio Show
From @equality101blog: Getting students to participate…equally?
Plaintiffs End Arguments, Defendants Begin in Proposition 8 Case
RT @shelbyknox @christytj: College 'gender gap' favoring women in enrollment and bachelor's degrees stops growing
Fri 1/29: Feminists Fight Back Against Attacks on Reproductive Rights: Commemorating the 37th Anniversary of Roe v Wade
EVENTS for V-DAY at HUNTER College: Until The Violence Stops
RT @Action_Alert @RayBeckerman NY area healthcare phonebanking & volunteering w/OFA #hcr
RT @chloepink: Chloe Pink, here with an important announcement! Big girls don't cry over spilled nail polish. Unless they've got one fin ...
RT @chloepink: Announcing Chloe Pink's "I Love Me Poster Contest" for young artists. Just in time 4 Valentines! Rules @ www.chloepinkcar ...
Check out: (via @hollywilli)
Bangladesh Char Women Live at Mercy of Monsoons (@womens_enews @jerinalam)
Let's Get #ProChoice Dawn Confirmed to a post at the Justice Department / Yes, let's!!
Reminder: #Haiti Benefit tonight: 7-10pm, Amity Hall (btwn Sullivan & Thompson), suggested donation $10
Insert theme song here: Wonder Women exhibition: Money, Money, Money this Friday!
We've said it once and we'll say it again: Tell CBS execs & the NFL to Scrap Anti-Choice Super Bowl Ad!

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