Thursday, January 28, 2010

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National Call-In Day for Health Reform:
RT @melsil Women at Sundance: Tanya Hamilton writes/directs Night Catches Us; only black female director ths year.
RT @rhrealitycheck: Addressing HIV Must B Part of Emergency Response in Haiti:
RT @shelbyknox What does CBS stand for? See what I have to say & add yours to our #ScraptheAd campaign!
RT @daninespencer @thehill: Obama to give first State of Union on handicap-accessible rostrum
Why we need abortion rights and providers more than ever: Woman Dies After Botched Queens Abortion
From @feministing: Teen female scientist to join Obamas at the State of the Union
From @Advocates4Youth: What We Talk About When We Talk About Eating Disorders
What's The Best Way To Stop Bullying?
RT @AdjoaSankofia Reminder NYC: Haiti Relief Happy Hour @ Stone Creek THURS @ 6p! All cover proceeds go to @PIH_org.
RT @equality101blog: Female Students, Female Teachers, and Math Anxiety – Oh My!
RT @biancamv @IAmDrTiller: "Health-care reform hinges on abortion, but the #prochoice movement has already lost."
RT @zefrog @spikej77: "Heterosexuality isn't normal, it's just common." ~ Dorothy Parker
RT @racheljsimmons High school senior Lilly blogs in haiku about being a girl - write your own haiku now!
.@GirlsWriteNow Presents: CHAPTERS
From @rhrealitycheck: The Doula Movement: Making the Radical a Reality by Trusting Pregnant Women
From @feministing: An Overlooked Form of Abuse: Reproductive Coercion
From @melsil: Can The Kids Are All Right Be the Female Brokeback?
Repro-rights & #prochoice activist Ruth P. Smith Dies At 102
The Womanization of Birth (via @CaliforniaNOW):
Cool site to check out:
Details on the 2010 National Young Feminist Leadership Conference (@feministcampus) Register today!
WSJ: Director Blazed Trail for Women in TV
.@thirdward: Linda Gastaldello Presents: Just Women
.@bitchmedia via @emilyheroy: Race Card: If Successful White Women Can Find Love, Then So Can Successful Black Women
From @feministing: Citizens Divided: Why the Latest Verdict on Campaign Finance is Bad for Women
Choice USA on Fox News Tonight. Watch & then Hold CBS Accountable!
WWE Champion Mick Foley Takes on Sexual Violence

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