Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Let's Get #ProChoice Dawn Confirmed to a post at the Justice Department

January 2010


Let's Get Dawn Confirmed
Anti-choice senators used every trick in the book last year to block President Obama's nomination of Dawn Johnsen – former legal director at NARAL Pro-Choice America – to a post at the Justice Department.

But the president isn't giving up – and neither are we.

President Obama renominated Johnsen, sending a strong message to right-wing senators that it's time to end their stall tactics. But Democratic Sen. Ben Nelson of Nebraska, already notorious for authoring anti-abortion language in the Senate health-reform bill, said again last week that he opposes this nomination.

Let's help the president get Dawn confirmed. Contact your senators and ask them to confirm this stellar nominee to the Justice Department.

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Please Join Partners for Choice Today
On this 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade, we are asking you to honor the life and commitment to choice of Dr. Tiller. Demonstrate your support of a woman's right to choose today by joining our most important, dedicated donor base, Partners for Choice, and making a monthly contribution. Each partner pledges to make a modest but vital monthly gift that provides a steady stream of resources we depend on to fight against opponents of choice at a moment's notice.

Joining Partners for Choice is an easy, cost-effective way to support NARAL Pro-Choice America while having the biggest impact on a woman's right to choose!

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FAME: Pro-Choice Lawmakers in Virginia
NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia issued a stunning report on how anti-choice "crisis pregnancy centers" routinely provide false information to women. Now, NARAL Pro-Choice Virginia is working to fix the problem with pro-choice lawmakers in Virginia. They just introduced a bill requiring crisis pregnancy centers to provide medically accurate information, fully disclose what services they do – and don't – provide, and inform clients that they may not meet federal privacy requirements.

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SHAME: Anti-Choice New Hampshire Legislators
Lawmakers in New Hampshire are pushing a bill that would do more to attack a woman's right to choose than all of the previous session's bills combined! Among other things, the bill would require that a married woman notify her husband before she can access abortion care, impose dangerous mandatory delays, and ban insurance coverage for abortion for state employees, much like one provision of the Stupak-Pitts amendment in federal health-care reform. NARAL Pro-Choice New Hampshire is leading the fight against this attack on the right to choose.

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USA Today reports on the Roe anniversary and our own Blog for Choice Day

The University of Arizona still has an anti-choice law that prevents med students from learning about abortion care

Wilmington passes a "bubble-zone" law protecting medical-health facilities

Dear jerin,

Trust women. That was the theme we used to mark the 37th anniversary of Roe v. Wade last Friday.

We were blown away by the hundreds of pro-choice people who put their beliefs into writing as part of our Blog for Choice Day. Your words are inspiring, empowering, funny, and wise.

Even as we continue the fight on health reform here in Washington, many state legislatures are back in session, and we continue to see attacks like the one in New Hampshire.

That's why I ask you to pledge to stand with us – and trust women – by making a small gift each month. Your committed support will keep us strong this year, and in the years ahead.

My best,
Nancy Keenan
President, NARAL Pro-Choice America


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