Monday, January 11, 2010

More Iranian Feminists Jailed Yesterday: Show Your Solidarity

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Show your Solidarity!

Send an email to protest arrests of Dr. Ebadi's sister, a founder of One Million Signatures Campaign, and a journalist along with other Iranian human rights activists.

Arrests continue in Iran against women activists. In December, Nobel Peace Prize laureate Shirin Ebadi's sister; a professor in dentistry, Noushin Ebadi; Mansoureh Shojaee, a founder of the One Million Signatures campaign for women's equality in Iran; and Morteza Kazemian, a journalist, were arrested by Ministry of Intelligence agents. Take a minute to show your solidarity with Iranian feminists as they fight for equality.
33 more Iranian women activists were arrested yesterday during a peaceful protest in Tehran. These women are members of a group called Mourning Mothers, which was formed after the widely publicized death of Neda Agha-Soltan last summer. Members of the group are mothers of protestors who have been killed, detained, or are missing.

Please voice your support for the Iranian feminists as they fight for equality & freedom. 
Continuing demonstrations in Iran against the theocratic regime have resulted in numerous arrests and the deaths of at least 9 demonstrators.  The One Million Signature campaign, which demands an end to discriminatory laws against women in Iranian law, pre-dates these demonstrations that began with challenges of national election fraud earlier this year. 
Ebadi, who is out of the country, released a statement that her sister, who is not a an activist, was arrested simply because she is her sister, and to put pressure on Ebadi to stop her human rights activities.  

Take a moment now to show your solidarity with the One Million Signature Campaign and Human Rights activist Shirin Ebadi by sending emails to protest these arrests and to demand women's equality under the law and respect for universal human rights. 
We must not be silent in the face of this oppression.
For Equality,
Ellie Smeal
Eleanor Smeal

P.S. Your support and emails have helped in the past, these women and courageous activist need your help again.
Please send an email to help these arrested activists and Dr. Ebadi's sister.
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