Monday, January 18, 2010

Phonebanking for Democratic candidate Martha Coakley: Mon, 1/18 & Tue 1/19

We haven't done this kind of an email before, but you doubtlessly have already heard how unexpectedly close the race is to replace the late Ted Kennedy's Senate seat in Massachusetts.

It is impossible to say for sure what is hype and what is reality regarding the latest polling. But what's clear as day is that Republicans will trumpet an upset of Democratic candidate Martha Coakley in the special election this Tuesday as proof that the American people don't want change -- and the moderate Democrats who you have spent so much time reaching out to may be spooked enough to listen. That might be enough to defeat the health care bill we've all worked so hard for through yet another filibuster. It would definitely be enough to make it difficult to impossible to advance any of the other issues we care about in 2010.

Other organizations we've worked with have set up get out the vote operations here in New York City.
Please help us get out the vote!

Phonebanks in NYC

GRAMERCY on Monday the 18th:
please RSVP at:
MIDTOWN EAST (OFA HQ) on Tuesday the 19th:
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