Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Political Art Program for LGBTQ High School Students: Fridays, Feb 12 - May 21: 4-6pm

For more information or an application, please contact Rosemary Garrido at or their blog at

Time: Fridays from 4pm -6pm
Date: February 12th through May 21st
Location: Generation Q @37-74 Steinway St. Astoria

What is Queer(ing) Space?
Queer(ing) Space is a political art program for lgbtq/queer youth in high school. In the program we will be examining the different spaces that we navigate on a daily basis. The spaces we will discuss are divided into the following: the body, the home, the city, and the nation. By using art as a way to talk about these spaces we are gaining both critical and creative thinking skills as well as creating our own artistic responses. We will be exploring different art mediums as well as meeting some community artists who are creating political responses of their own through their artwork. 

Why talk about space?
Talking about space is crucial to understanding our surroundings and ourselves. Whether private or public, we all navigate different spaces on a regular basis and need to have the skills necessary to break down and understand those spaces. We will examine the different "queer issues" that arise surrounding race, gender, sex, class, and sexual orientation. Basically what we will be talking about are your experiences as a young queer person today but we will be using different artists' work to spark the conversation. Beyond the examination of the various spaces we navigate, we will also work together to make sure this program is a safe space for our communities and ourselves.

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