Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Rape Crisis Advocates: Participate in our "Day in the Life" Blog Contest!

NYC Alliance Against Sexual Assault

We Need Your Help! Participate in our "Day in the Life" Blog Contest!

The New York City Alliance Against Sexual Assault realizes that 
Rape Crisis Advocates play a critical role in survivor support. 
We also believe that your experience with survivors has provided you 
with a unique understanding of sexual assault, and the importance of funding 
and support for those programs that address the needs of victims 
as well as primary prevention of sexual violence. In an effort to increase 
the reach and impact of anti-violence efforts in New York City, 
the Alliance would like to invite you to join a new venture: 
a social networking initiative on our blog.

The social networking initiative will provide an opportunity to be involved 
in the Alliance blog and to engage the general public through 
a series of A Day in the Life of a Rape Crisis Advocate series. 
Advocates will have the chance to share their unique experiences 
through blog posts and help further the public discourse about 
sexual violence in New York City. All those who participate will be entered 
into a comment contest, to increase and encourage participation from blog readers.
The contest deadline is rapidly approaching (January 29th), 
so do not delay if you are interested!

For more information, please contact Saskia Shuman at Sshuman@svfreenyc.org.

The Alliance thanks you for your continued dedication to 
all sexual assault survivors. 

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