Saturday, January 30, 2010

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Jan 29 2010
Roeder Guilty on All Counts
Scott Roeder was found guilty of first degree murder in the May 2009 death of George Tiller, MD, today by a unanimous jury after 40 minutes of deliberation...
Jan 28 2010
Some Feminist Issues Addressed in State of the Union Address
President Barack Obama mentioned several feminist issues in his second State of the Union address last night...
Jan 27 2010
Slaughter Speaks Out on Need for Comprehensive Sex Ed
Congresswoman Louise Slaughter (D-NY) commented on the need for comprehensive sex education programs after the release of a study yesterday indicating that 2006 was the first year since 1990 where teen pregnancy rates rose in the US...
Jan 26 2010
Roeder Murder Trial Continues on Second Day
The trial of Scott Roeder, who has confessed to allegedly murdering George Tiller, MD, in May 2009, is continuing into its second day today...
Jan 25 2010
Boxer Pushes for Focus on Women at Upcoming Afghanistan Conference
Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) sent a letter to President Barack Obama Friday urging a stronger focus on Afghan women and girls at an international conference on Afghanistan to be held in London this week. In her letter, Boxer indicated deep concern that women are "not being viewed as an essential element" in the US's Afghanistan stabilization strategy...


Jan 29 2010 - Clinton Speaks on Women and Girls at Afghan Conference
Jan 28 2010 - Student Non-Discrimination Act introduced in House
Jan 28 2010 - Lifetime Abortion and Contraceptive Rights Advocate Ruth Proskauer Smith Dies
Jan 27 2010 - Bill Introduced to Ban Abortion After 20 Weeks in NE
Jan 27 2010 - Bangladesh High Court Orders Protection for Flogged Rape Victim
Jan 26 2010 - Ultrasound Bill Approved by KY State Senate
Jan 26 2010 - Veil Debate Renewed in France
Jan 25 2010 - HI State Senate Votes for Civil Unions

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