Monday, February 15, 2010

Attorneys for Scott Roeder, murderer of Dr Tiller, asked for new trial & other feminist news

February 12, 2010
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Feb 11 2010
Study Indicates Ohio is Hub of Sex & Labor Trafficking
A new report released yesterday by the Ohio Trafficking in Persons Study Commission indicates that approximately 1,800 American and immigrant children are coerced into sex-trafficking or forced labor in Ohio...
Feb 10 2010
NY State Senator Expelled due to Domestic Abuse Charges
The New York state Senate voted 53 to 8 yesterday to expel Senator Hiram Monserrate (D) because of misdemeanor assault charges...
Feb 9 2010
Roeder Attorneys Seek New Trial
Attorneys for Scott Roeder, who was convicted last month in the murder of abortion provider George Tiler, MD, asked for a new trial yesterday...
Feb 8 2010
Laura Chinchilla Elected First Woman President of Costa Rica
In a landmark victory on Sunday, Laura Chinchilla was elected as the first woman president of Costa Rica...

Feb 11 2010 - Class Action Discrimination Complaint Filed Against Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority

Feb 11 2010 - Personhood at Issue in NH Bill

Feb 10 2010 - Iranian Feminists Issue Global Call for Action

Feb 10 2010 - VA Senate Passes Bill to End Sexual Orientation Discrimination Among State Workers

Feb 9 2010 - Court Renews Title IX Suit Against UC Davis

Feb 8 2010 - Utah House Votes for Ultrasound Requirement
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