Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Breaking News: Senator Monserrate Expelled from NYS Senate: Your voice was heard

Here is a victory for every battered woman/man/child.  I hope this news reaches every corner of our nation to send a clear message on how to treat batterers.  I have to thank Marcia Pappas, NOW-NYS President, who worked endlessly to win this fight.  Thanks to all of YOU for calling/emailing/signing petitions and everything else you did to get anti-women, anti-gay Monserrate out of the State Senate.

In Solidarity,
Jerin Alam
National NOW Young Feminist Task Force
NOW – NYS Young Feminist Task Force Co-Chair
National Organization for Women (NOW)
You did it! We did it! 
Everyone who took action had a part in this victory!
Senator Monserrate Expelled from NYS Senate!

Finally, tonight justice was served and women of New York State are the winners.  The NYS Senate voted to expel Senator Monserrate at approximately 9:30 pm.      For weeks rumors have been circulating about what the Senate would do as they debated whether to expel or censure Senator Monserrate.

For over a year The National Organization for Women-New York State has repeatedly sent the message that anything less than expulsion was not acceptable.  Any form of violence against women is not acceptable.  We hope that this serves as a wakeup call to all law makers.  Whether you are a candidate or a sitting elected official, if you are violent towards another person, you are not fit to hold office.   

NOW-New York State thanks Senator Sampson for his leadership on this issue and for listening to the citizens of New York State.  We also thank Senator Schneidermann for his superb leadership as Chair of the Special Senate Committee.

Most importantly, we at NOW-NYS thank our sisters who worked with  us to make this happen.  To all of our NOW-NYS Chapters and supporters from around New York State and beyond, our heartfelt thanks. 

A  big thank you goes out to the following organizations:
National Dominican Women's Caucus -Zenaida Mendez, Executive Director
The New Agenda - Amy Siskind, President
Eleanor Roosevelt Legacy Committee- Cathy Lasry, President and Karen Feldman
Free Us Now-Betty Jean Kling. 

We also thank all of the women Senators who stood strong and demanded that no abuser be allowed to influence passage or failure of legislation in New York State.
In Sisterhood and For Equality,
Marcia A.Pappas, President
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Help us continue our work on behalf of women and girls. 
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Ben said...

I wish they had acted sooner! But they most likely wouldn't have acted at all if not for NOW's leadership. I'm proud to be a card-carrying NOW member - well done, NY State NOW!