Friday, February 26, 2010

Governor Paterson Decides He Will Not Run for Re-Election.

Governor Paterson Decides He Will Not Run for Re-Election.

February 26, 2010

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National Organization for Women-NYS
Says Governor Paterson Made Appropriate Decision to Not Run

ALBANY, NY (02/26/2010)(readMedia)-- According to NOW-NYS (National Organization For Women) President, New York Governor David Paterson (D) made a very good choice with today's announcement that he will not seek re-election. Recent developments have placed Paterson in the middle of a cover-up involving a staffer accused of domestic violence. Pappas explained that "in light of this situation, NOW NYS leaders believe the Governor has made the right decision. New Yorkers want their elected officials to be squeaky clean when it comes to following and abiding by laws set forth in New York. No elected official is above the law. They are in a position of power to make laws that govern the citizens of New York."

Pappas continued: "In order to make decisions regarding legislation, lawmakers cannot be part of the problem. We expect them to be part of the solution. The Governor has always been a supporter of women's rights. It is disappointing that he may be involved in pressuring a victim of domestic violence to drop charges against her abuser."

Pappas said the organization would "now turn its attention to a State Police officer, Harry Corbett, who was reported to be involved in inappropriate intimidation of the victim, and this in an area that was clearly under the jurisdiction of the New York City Police Department, not the State."

And NOW-NYS will also have questions about the response by a family court judge, Andrea Masley, to whom the victim is said to have reported being intimidated by State Police. Pappas emphasized that "the courts are there to protect victims of violence, so we are concerned with reports that Judge Masley did not take appropriate action. Whether it's the Governor, the State Police, or the judiciary, NOW-NYS demands accountability from anyone and everyone remotely involved in a domestic violence cover up."

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