Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Help NYC Students save the MTA: can't afford $2400/yr metro cards

As part of our big campaign to save the MTA, we've met a great group of NYC students who are up in arms about the proposal to end the free student Metrocard program. They're smart and feisty and determined, and tomorrow morning they're going to challenge MTA chief Jay Walder to meet with them publicly.

Would you mind giving them a hand by signing on to their letter to the MTA? Just use this page we've set up:


Here's a note from one of the students, below. I hope you'll take a moment to read it, and, if you're willing, sign their letter. We'll make sure to send you a snapshot of the delivery if you do.


Dan Cantor, WFP Executive Director



My name is Karla, I'm 17, and if you've got a minute a lot of New York students like me could really use your help.

Every schoolday my little brother and I take a bus and a subway from Jamaica, Queens to our East New York high school. We've always relied on free MTA farecards for students, but now the MTA is threatening to take those away -- which means we'd have to come up with $2,400 a year just to get to school.

That made me mad. Our family can't afford that kind of fare hike. So I've joined a Facebook group against it. I've gone to protests. And now I'm part of a group of students who are demanding a meeting with the head of the MTA to talk about this mess.

So far, he's ignored us. I think it's crazy that he won't even respond when 600,000 students will be affected. So we're going to confront him directly at the MTA board meeting this Wednesday.

Can you sign on to our letter to the head of the MTA so he knows this is for real?



Karla Flores, Urban Youth Collaborative Student Union

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