Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How dare you CBS: Tell CBS using public airwaves to promote anti-abortion message will lose the network both respect & business

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Tell CBS to Pull the Ad
Send an email to CBS to stop the spread of anti-abortion hatred.
Tell Friend(s) that CBS is planning to air an anti-abortion ad during the Super Bowl game
CBS still refuses - after thousands of emails - to withdraw the anti-abortion ad they plan to air during the Super Bowl, though they quickly rejected an ad for a gay dating Web site. What hypocrites.

Tell CBS to pull the ad.

In the past, CBS had a stated policy to reject all ads it deems controversial, including ads from MoveOn.org, PETA, and the United Church of Christ, which dared to suggest that their church would model tolerance ("Jesus Didn't Turn People Away. Neither Do We"). After protests of the anti-abortion ad, CBS announced they had loosened their policy - then promptly rejected an advertisement because it featured two men watching football and engaging in a kiss. Talk about a double standard.

Although the ad itself is secret, Focus on the Family's own publicity indicates that it will "take a position on one side of a current controversial issue."  The ad reportedly focuses on quarterback Tim Tebow and his mother, alleging that Tebow's mother was urged to have an abortion for medical reasons, but did not. The implicit suggestion that pregnant women whose health is at risk shouldn't worry because nothing bad will happen is downright dangerous, even if the story is true. What the ad does not tell you is that Tebow's mother fell ill in the Philippines, where abortion has been illegal since 1930 (even to protect the woman's life) and is punishable with prison time for both the woman and the doctor. So, the Tebow story appears to be a fabrication - yet CBS has not acted on this information.

The Super Bowl audience, one of the largest of any event, spans all ages and political positions, and should not be used to promote an anti-abortion message.

Tell CBS that using the public airwaves to promote an anti-abortion message will lose the network both respect and business.

For Equality,
Ellie Smeal
Kim Gandy
Vice President

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