Friday, February 5, 2010

How You Can Help Pass the Bill #hcr

Get the Job Done!

As time becomes crucial, we're sending a united message to Congress: Get the Job Done. We, the people, want health care reform now. And we're not letting up until we get it.

What Can You Do?

Please join one of our phone banks. We'll be reaching out to our New York State delegates, who have led this fight, and keeping the pressure on strong. Show up and make some calls.

Really tired of waiting for reform?

Host or help organize your own phone bank. It's surprisingly easy (we provide everything) and fun. To step up and volunteer, email
And while you're on the phone, don't forget to call the President, and remind him to keep fighting for us like he promised. In fact, try to make a call every day.
The White House: 202.456.1111
Let's send Congress a message. We're the ones who sent them to Washington, and we expect results!
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