Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jose Peralta Wins Endorsement from NOW-NYS PAC for Special Election in 13th District

Jose Peralta Wins Endorsement from NOW-NYS PAC for Special Election in 13th District on March 16th. Women leaders believe Peralta is the perfect candidate to take the seat in the NYS Senate. Voters should vote for Peralta! Please distribute far and wide.

National Organization for Women-NYS PAC Endorses Jose Peralta
Urges Citizens to Vote for Peralta for NYS Senate

ALBANY, NY (02/25/2010)(readMedia)-- NOW-NYS PAC is proud to endorse Jose Peralta (D) for the 13th District NYS Senate seat. If elected, Assemblyman Peralta will take the seat of former NY State Senator Hiram Monserrate (D), who was recently expelled from the Senate after being convicted of misdemeanor assault in relation to a incident involving his girlfriend. "It's time for NY voters to have, in that Senate seat, an elected official who will represent them in an honorable way, who does not abuse women, and who understands the importance of women's rights and women's equality," said NOW-NYS President Marcia A. Pappas.

Pappas added that "Democrats have made a good choice in Assemblyman Jose Peralta. Not only does Peralta understand the issues, but he also has the breadth and depth to see how women's equality will positively affect all the people of his district and all the citizens of New York. He fully understands the issue of domestic violence, and realizes how ending violence against women must be front and center on any elected official's agenda." Pappas took the occasion to explain that women make up over fifty-two percent of the population and that, without the ability to live in a safe environment, women cannot lead productive lives. Pappas affirmed that Assemblyman Peralta is committed to leveling the playing field for all New Yorkers by passing legislation that will bring women into full equality.

The departing Hiram Monserrate apparently wishes to be reinstated in the NY Senate and recently declared, according to the 2/24/10 NY Daily News: "I am committed, as I have always been, to defend the rights of the voters and never allowing their vote to be disenfranchised." Of this statement Pappas remarked: "What about the millions of New York State women who would feel disenfranchised, nay horrified were Monserrate to be re-seated in the NY Senate? Monserrate is a clearly man who will neither act nor vote in the best interest of New York's women. And we at NOW-NYS are pleased at the prospect of replacing him with Jose Peralta, who is a conscientious supporter of women's rights."

Pappas concluded that "NOW NYS is urging everyone in the 13th District to vote for Jose Peralta, so that they may all be fully and honorably represented in the New York Senate."

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