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Monserrate Expulsion & how they voted. Thank/Reprimand Your Senator based on votes

I just wanted to mention again how grateful I am of NOW-NYS and NOW-NYS President Marcia Pappas.  It was their leadership for over ONE year that made Monserrate's expulsion possible.  NOW-NYS sent out petitions, urged all of us to call/ writeemail, visited the lawmakers personally, delivered letters, and brought media attention to the cause.  Please find here some examples:
NOW-NYS was the first on the case, and relentlessly pursued expulsion for over one year.  Thank you Marcia Pappas and NOW-NYS!

In Solidarity,
Jerin Alam
National NOW Young Feminist Task Force
NOW – NYS Young Feminist Task Force Co-Chair
National Organization for Women (NOW)

Expulsion of Monserrate.  How they voted.
The eight "no" votes on the expulsion resolution, which was sponsored by Sen. Brian Foley, were: 

  1. Monserrate, 
  2. Ruben Diaz Sr., 
  3. Majority Leader Pedro Espada Jr., 
  4. Carl Kruger, 
  5. Eric Adams, 
  6. Kevin Parker, 
  7. Martin Malave Dilan and 
  8. Conference Leader John Sampson. 
Sen. Tom Morahan was excused.  All other Senators voted "yes." List of yes voters is below.  Thank the "YES" voters and reprimand the"NO" voters.  They need to hear from you.  Click here to Take Action  or use this link Type in your zip code and see who represents you. 
Addabbo, Joseph P., Jr  
Alesi, James S.  
Aubertine, Darrel J.  
Bonacic, John J.  
Breslin, Neil D.  
DeFrancisco, John A.    
Duane, Thomas  
Farley, Hugh T.  
Flanagan, John J.  
Foley, Brian X  
Fuschillo, Charles J., Jr.  
Golden, Martin J.  
Griffo, Joseph A.  
Hannon, Kemp  
Huntley, Shirley L.  
Johnson, Craig M. 
Johnson, Owen H. 
Klein, Jeffrey D. 
Krueger, Liz 
Lanza, Andrew J 
Larkin, William J., Jr. 
LaValle, Kenneth P. 
Leibell, Vincent L. 
Libous, Tom 
Little, Elizabeth 
Marcellino, Carl L 
Maziarz, George D. 
McDonald, Roy J. 
Montgomery, Velmanette 
Nozzolio, Michael F. 
Onorato, George 
Oppenheimer, Suzi 
Padavan, Frank 
Perkins, Bill 
Ranzenhofer, Michael H. 
Robach, Joseph E. 
Saland, Stephen M. 
Savino, Diane J. 
Schneiderman, Eric T. 
Serrano, Jose M. 
Seward, James L. 
Skelos, Dean G. 
Smith, Malcolm A. 
Squadron, Daniel L. 
Stachowski, William T. 
Stavisky, Toby Ann 
Stewart-Cousins, Andrea
Thompson, Antoine M.
Valesky, David J.
Volker, Dale M.
Winner, George H., Jr.  
Young, Catharine 
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