Monday, February 8, 2010

MTA raising fares even more?

Tell MTA Chairman Jay Walder:

"Close the MTA's budget gap with stimulus money, not higher fares or service cuts"

After proposing major service cuts this year and a 7.5% fare hike next year, the MTA Board is now saying they may have to raise fares even more.1

That's unbelievable -- and there's a better option. Transit experts and even some MTA Board members want to use the federal stimulus money they already have to help close the MTA's budget gap. But the MTA's new chief, Jay Walder, opposes that plan -- so we need to send a message directly to him.

Sign our petition telling MTA Chairman Walder to use stimulus dollars BEFORE he hikes our fares:

Walder says all of the MTA's stimulus money should go to new projects and improvements -- but does it really make sense to pay for new subway lines by cutting the old ones?

The federal stimulus program allows the MTA to use some funds to keep trains running and fares under control. Nearly every transit agency in America is using the stimulus program to plug budget holes -- except the MTA.

In a time of crisis like this, we should be maintaining the current system first. And above all, we need to keep it affordable for the millions of working New Yorkers who depend on it every day.

Our petition says: "Chairman Walder, straphangers are already strapped for cash. Use your stimulus money to close the MTA budget gap before you hike our fares or cut our service."

Help us deliver 5,000 signatures directly to the MTA Chairman. Sign our petition today:


Dan Cantor
WFP Executive Director

1) "New Fare Warning by MTA," New York Post, 2/4/10

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