Friday, February 5, 2010

Receive #free 1-yr membership to NOW wi purchase of book Sexism: Alive, Well and Ruining Our Future #fem

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A must read!
Sexism in America: Alive, Well and Ruining Our Future
By feminist author Barbara J.Berg
Barbara debunks the many myths about how far women have come
 and the pervasive belief that ours is a post feminist society.

Pay $40 and receive a free one year membership to NOW.

So you think Sexism doesn't exist in the United States? Did you know:

*The United States is 31st in world gender equality, behind Latvia and the Philippines?
*Women, especially mothers, face soaring workplace discrimination?
*Women pay more for their medical insurance than men?
*The wage gap between men and women begins right after college and grows over time?

$40.00 includes shippping and handling and a free (one year) NOW membership.
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