Wednesday, February 3, 2010

There's Still Time to Sack the CBS Ad: How YOU Can Help

The National Organization for Women
Dear Pro-Choice Leader,
Have CBS's higher-ups been colluding all along with Focus on the Family?
You may have heard by now that CBS plans to air a 30-second ad by right-wing anti-abortion group Focus on the Family, starring football player Tim Tebow, during the Super Bowl. And it just got even worse...
Will you support us today so we can convince CBS to pull the ad?
There's rumor that CBS executives worked closely with Focus on the Family in crafting the ad's script. If this is true, they're not just making a buck at the expense of women's rights, but they're actually working behind the scenes to promote Focus on the Family's radical right wing agenda -- and make no mistake: that agenda includes overturning Roe v. Wade and making abortion "illegal and unthinkable." Please contribute today so we can fight for fairness in the media!
Focus on the Family's ad, yet to be released, allegedly features the story of Tebow's mother, who continued a risky pregnancy against her physician's recommendations. We celebrate the ability of all women to make their own decisions about health care, their families and their future -- whatever that decision might be. But Focus on the Family is using the over $2.5 million ad to shame those women who decide to terminate a pregnancy. And the possibility that executives at a major network participated in shaping this ad is simply appalling.
Support NOW's work to let CBS know that anti-abortion propaganda has no place in the Super Bowl or at major network offices.
The ad represents a sharp turn from CBS's usual policy against airing controversial ads during sports events. In 2004, CBS rejected an ad from the United Church of Christ welcoming LGBT parishioners citing its anti-advocacy policy.
Your contribution today says that you won't stand for CBS collaborating with Focus on the Family.
For justice and equality,
Terry O'Neill
NOW President
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