Monday, February 8, 2010

Your support made a difference against #CBS #antichoice ad

The National Organization for Women

The outpouring of support for our effort to get CBS to pull a Focus on the Family ad from the Superbowl lineup has been phenomenal. I just wanted to say thank you!
Even though CBS aired the ad, your support helped us mobilize NOW activists around the country. With our allies, we activated hundreds of thousands to protest the ad -- and in the process we've raised awareness of the escalating threats to women's right to have access to safe, legal abortion.
The ad, created with the help of CBS executives, promotes Focus on the Family, an extreme right-wing organization whose agenda includes overturning Roe v. Wade and making abortion "illegal and unthinkable." Like you, we're appalled that CBS would promote this group. However, by airing the ad, CBS has helped to galvanize us! I was so proud to see our grassroots spring to action -- from New York City to Phoenix, Arizona to Florida, NOW activists picketed, wrote letters, signed petitions and sent emails urging CBS to pull the ad.
That's what NOW is all about -- our grassroots network is ready to take action whenever and wherever women's rights are threatened. And your support makes it possible.
We will continue organizing for women's right to have safe and legal access to the full range of reproductive health care, including the right to terminate a risky pregnancy as well as the right to continue it. And with your help we'll hold CBS and other networks accountable for making alliances with the radical right.
So stay tuned to our website to see our progress on this important issue. Our fight isn't over -- and we're determined to win. Thank you again for your support.
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For justice and equality,
Terry O'Neill
NOW President
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