Friday, March 5, 2010

Abusers Get Away With Strangling in NY - Take Action

NOW-NYC Op-Ed in the New York Times Highlights Need for
Stronger Penalties for Abusers Who Strangle

In the wake of the Paterson scandal, NOW-NYC has mobilized to speak out on domestic violence.  The issue of strangulation is at the center of the domestic violence case involving Governor Paterson's aide David Johnson.  Incredibly, in New York, choking or strangling someone by compressing her neck is not considered an assault unless the victim evidences physical injury, which is not found in the many typical strangulation cases where no injury is visible. Domestic violence advocates see first hand how often choking is used by batterers and, in turn, how often they are not charged with a crime.

Check out the article, and then take action!

How to take action:  
Call your representatives in the Senate and Assembly and ask them to support Senator Eric Schneiderman's bill on strangulation assaults:  S-6987.    

Find out who your reps are by calling this number and providing your address:
(518) 455-4218 OR link to:
  My Assembly Member  My State Senator   

It's simple and only takes 5 minutes!    1) Tell them you are a constituent.   2)  Tell them that current law is not strong enough to protect individuals who are strangled by an abuser.  
3)  Ask them to please support the bill that Senator Schneiderman has introduced (S-6987).

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