Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Action Alert: Help Pass Pro-Choice Healthcare Reform

We are finally here. For months now, we've seen every excuse and delay imaginable. And while Congress has discussed and debated, millions of Americans have remained uninsured or underinsured, and more lose coverage each day.
The next 10 days will determine if we get the comprehensive health care we've been fighting for. That's it.
So is there anything good about healthcare reform? Definitely. If it passes, it will mean that millions of young Americans - and Americans of all ages - get the access and security that comes with coverage. It will mark the last time someone gets denied coverage for a pre-existing condition, pays more for being a woman, or gets kicked off of their plan because they got sick. It will be the last time a consumer gets a letter in the mail informing them that their rates just went up 39 percent.
Will it be everything that we want? No. The Senate Bill is set to be voted on in the House next week and includes language that requires women to write two checks to their insurance companies: one for abortion and one for everything else. Experts predict if this language stands, insurance companies will drop abortion coverage rather than deal with the administrative work of keeping your money separate. It also still includes funding for abstinence only education.
And do you remember Stupak and our favorite new verb stupaking? Well, Stupak is back and threatening a side agreement to keep his Amendment alive in healthcare reform. A little refresher: Stupak's Amendment bars not only federal insurance from covering abortion, but private insurers as well. Stupak is threatening to keep 12 votes needed to pass healthcare reform in the House unless language like his is added to the Bill in a side deal. Oh, and he's keeping up his false messaging to the public about abortion coverage at the same time.
What can you do during these crucial two weeks that will define the future of health insurance?

Call your representatives now at 1-888-423-5983. Tell them once again: now is the time for action. This is it. The failures of the current system are too obvious: one-third of young people are uninsured, and we must change that.
Then make sure to let them know you're still watching and you won't stand for a vote on a Bill that includes any of Stupak's language and funding for abstinence only. Real reform can not and should not deny women and young people the comprehensive care we deserve.
Calling is doing your part to make sure this Bill passes, and that Stupak doesn't get his way. Let's do this!
-Choice USA
PS. When you're done, check out other ways you can take action with our friends over at Young Invincibles.

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