Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Another win for women! Queens cleans house by electing Jose Peralta for NYS Senate.

Victory! Another win for women! Queens cleans house by electing Jose Peralta for NYS Senate.

For more information contact: Marcia Pappas, 518-452-3944

National Oranization for Women-NYS PAC Says "Queens Cleans House"
With Peralta's Landslide Victory over Monserrate

ALBANY, NY (03/17/2010)(readMedia)-- The National Organization for Women-NYS PAC is thrilled to announce that yesterday, in a landslide victory, Jose Peralta (D) won the Queens, NY special election for NY State Senate against Hiram Monserrate (D), who was recently expelled from the Senate following his misdemeanor conviction for violently attacking his woman friend. In spite of his expulsion, Monserrate had taken a minor party line on which he received roughly 27 percent of the vote against the Republican Robert Beltrani's 7 percent and Peralta's 66 percent. Turnout was 14% and 15,260 votes were cast.

Of the election NOW-NYS President Marcia Pappas explained: "For months, we've been saying that the citizens of Queens deserve better. Echoing those sentiments in the voting booth, the proud citizens of Queens spoke loudly. They have cleared the way for Mr. Peralta to be their next State Senator. They now have a Senator who represents them in an honorable way, who does not abuse women, and who understands the importance of women's rights and women's equality."

Pappas continued: "This is an election year and it's time for everyone who cares about women's equality and safety to clean house, as did Queens, by electing people who will do the right thing for the women that they represent."

Pappas concluded: "NOW-NYS congratulates Mr. Peralta and looks forward to working with him towards a better --world for all New Yorkers."

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