Friday, March 26, 2010

Clinic Defense each Sat & Sat, Apr 3: NY Coalition for Abortion Clinic Defense Meeting

Call to Action! Clinic Defense!

A Call to Action from the New York Coalition for Abortion Clinic Defense (NYCACD)
The New York Coalition for Abortion
Clinic Defense (NYCACD)!

The hard-won victories of feminists are under siege but women and their allies are fighting back from coast to coast.
Organizing has taken place around the murder of Dr. Tiller, the medical director of one of the few clinics nationwide to provide late-term abortions; the threat of healthcare legislation that denies federal funds for abortion and insurance coverage for undocumented immigrants; and the physical and emotional assault on female patients at Dr. Emily's Clinic in our South Bronx.
We support the fight to challenge these contemporary manifestations of centuries of abuse of women's reproductive, economic and societal freedoms, as well as those of our children.
It is urgent for us to form a militant city-wide inclusive coalition that embraces and seeks out all members of our communities to organize around legislative, societal, religious, economic and emotional JUSTICE for our women and children now!   A coalition that is committed to disrupting myths and misconceptions about women, abortion, restrictive health care and the way these contribute to the restrictions of a woman's control over her body; the realization of free abortion on demand; an end to non-consensual sterilization of women of color, mentally and physically differently abled and poor women; nationwide comprehensive sex education and a radical reprioritizing of our women's and children's care, health, educational and economic freedoms.

Defend, with us, the freedom of women at Dr. Emily's Clinic this Saturday and every Saturday from 8am-12pm, 560 Southern Blvd. (E149th St. Station (6) or BX19 bus).
Meet to build this movement for reproductive justice on April 3 at 1pm, Freedom Hall 113West 128th St., Harlem, NY  between Malcolm X (Lenox Ave.) and 7th Ave. (#2 or 3 to 125th St.) Contact us at

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