Saturday, March 6, 2010

DC Catholic Charities Limit Health Coverage & Discontinue Foster Care Due To Same-Sex Marriage Legalization

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Mar 5 2010
CO Personhood Initiative Petition Drive Falling Short
The Colorado Secretary of State announced Wednesday that the petition drive to put "personhood" on the state ballot has not gathered enough signatures...
Mar 4 2010
Oklahoma Supreme Court Rules Abortion Law Unconstitutional
Yesterday, the Oklahoma Supreme Court upheld the February ruling of a state District Court that an anti-choice state law not yet enacted is unconstitutional...
Mar 3 2010
Saudi Arabian Woman to be lashed for Unchaperoned Court Appearance
A Saudi Arabian woman, Sawsan Salim, has been sentenced to 300 lashings and one and a half years in prison for filing harassment complaints about government officials and appearing in court in the northern Qasim region without a male guardian present...
Mar 2 2010
DC Catholic Charities Limit Health Coverage and Discontinue Foster Care Due To Same-Sex Marriage Legalization
Washington, DC-based Catholic Charities announced yesterday that health insurance for the spouses of their employees will no longer be provided due to the recent legalization of same-sex marriage in the District...
Mar 1 2010
Bill That Could Criminalize Illegal Abortion Awaits UT Governor's Signature
A bill that could criminalize illegal abortions was sent to Utah Governor Gary Herbert (R) for his signature last week...
Mar 5 2010 - UT Anti-Abortion Bill Withdrawn by Sponsor

Mar 5 2010 - AIG and Walmart Settle Major Discrimination Suits

Mar 4 2010 - Don't Ask, Don't Tell Repeal Bill Introduced

Mar 4 2010 - Lawsuit Filed to Obtain USAID International Sex Ed Funding Information

Mar 3 2010 - 54th Session on the Commission on the Status of Women Begins

Mar 1 2010 - Pentagon to Review Combat Restriction

Mar 1 2010 - Hearing Held on NE Anti-Choice Bill

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