Monday, March 8, 2010

Help pass Strangulation Prevention Act: make all choking/strangulations a criime!

Help us pass the Strangulation Prevention Act of 2010 to make all choking/strangulations a criime!

Help us Pass the Strangulation Prevention Act of 2010
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Senate Bill # S6987
Help us Pass the "Strangulation Prevention Act of 2010" Senate Bill # S6987
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Did you know choking/strangulation is not  necessarily a crime in New York State?
1. Choking is often more dangerous than punching, shoving and other kinds of abuse.
2. If an attacker applies 11 pounds of pressure for just 10 seconds, the victim can become unconscious. With greater pressure, death can occur within minutes. And even after the attacker lets up, a victim can collapse and die hours or even days later because of underlying damage to the neck, or to the brain due to lack of oxygen.

3. Ten percent of violent deaths in the United States are strangulations.

4. With no visible signs, strangulations is not charged as a crime.

5. A 2008 study of 310 homicides in 11 American cities, published in The Journal of Emergency Medicine, found that 43 percent of women who were murdered by intimate partners had experienced at least one episode of choking before their killing.

Join the National Organization for Women-New York State push to for much needed legislation that will address this problem. New York State Eric Schneiderman has introduced legislation that would criminalize chocking and suffocation in our state. The law would provide for severe penalties: intentional chocking and suffocation into unconsciousness would be considered a violent felony. The bill number is Senate #6987 and knows as the ""Strangulation Prevention act of 2010."

Contact your NYS Senator and tell her/him that we must penalize those criminals who would choke or strangle another individual. Take Action NOW!

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