Saturday, March 6, 2010

Help students save MTA student metrocards

NYC Students are going to meet with the MTA Chairman:

Send a message along with them in support of Student MetroCards

Last night, determined students finally got the chairman of the MTA to agree to meet with them about cuts to their school MetroCards.

This is a real victory in the fight to stop MTA fare hikes and service cuts. And when these students sit down with the MTA Chairman, they want to be able to show how much New Yorkers support them -- so they're asking for our help again.

Take a moment to write a short note to the MTA Chairman about how important it is to save student MetroCards, and the students will deliver your messages directly to him at their meeting:

"You've got your meeting," Chairman Jay Walder told the hundreds of young New Yorkers who packed the MTA budget cuts hearing in Manhattan last night.

His agreement came after a month of youth actions and protests calling for a students-only sit-down with the MTA -- and after 2,500 of you signed the Working Families petition in support of the students' demands.

The meeting will happen in about a week, and we want students to walk in with a huge stack of messages from fellow New Yorkers who don't think young people should pay the price for budget problems in Albany and at the MTA.

Write Chairman Walder a short note, and help us get 5,000 messages by the time the students sit down with the MTA:


Dan Cantor
WFP Executive Director

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