Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Join the Campaign to Defeat Anti-Choice Billboards

Last month, anti-choice billboards popped up across Atlanta, Georgia blasting the message, "Black Children are an Endangered Species." This campaign, sponsored by Georgia Right to Life and the anti-choice Radiance Foundation, attempts to drive a wedge in our movement by suggesting that the pro-choice community has a hidden agenda to coerce black women to have abortions.
This is the latest anti-choice attempt to disparage the choice community by undermining our solidarity.
A group of reproductive justice organizations including SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective, SisterLove, and SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW! has worked tirelessly against the this billboard campaign and the affiliated website, As SisterSong has stated:
The blatantly sexist and racist billboards declare Black children as an endangered species and prey on the conscience of Black women. The mere association between the born and unborn with endangered animals provides a disempowering and dehumanizing message to the Black community, which is completely unacceptable.
SisterSong is now asking supporters to petition the CBS Outdoor Advertising Billboard Management Team, which owns the billboards, to take them down.
NARAL Pro-Choice New York supports SisterSong and the other reproductive justice organizations working to end this misleading and derisive campaign. Please show your support by joining SisterSong in petitioning the CBS Outdoor Advertising Billboard Management Team. You can help by sending an email to the following contacts:
Email each of them the same message and encourage your friends and family to do the same: "I am outraged by the 'Black Children are an Endangered Species' billboards. These racist and sexist ads need to come down now." 
With your help, we can show our pro-choice solidarity in opposing this manipulative, anti-choice campaign.
For Choice,
NARAL Pro-Choice New York

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