Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Ms. Blog Makes Smashing Debut-Read All About It

Ms. magazine Blog -
What an incredible first week we've had on the new Ms. Blog! Our amazing team of bloggers has covered the world-from Haiti to China to Australia-and covered a wide range of feminist issues, from racism to health-care reform to lesbian rights to Lady Gaga. Take a look at some of our favorite posts:


Bishops, Keep Your Hands Off Health Care! Is this a theocracy or a democracy? As Congress is working feverishly to pass health-care reform, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops is once again trying to kill it. We're having deja vu ...Read More

Texas Whitewashes U.S. History "You can just hear the announcement on flights landing at the Dallas/Fort Worth Airport," my friend John said to me. "'Please return your trays and seats to the upright position, ...Read More


Haitian Feminists Celebrate Lost Leader What better place to have spent International Women's Day than in solidarity with Haitian feminists? It was a moving event full of singing, speeches, candles and tears,  marked by profound ...Read More


The Mystery of Women's History People may adore romance in their comedies and chocolate in their peanut butter, but mystery in your history can be hard to love. This is a problem when it comes to March, National Women's History ...Read More


Cheating? iPhone Has an App for That If you want to keep secrets from a relationship partner, you're in luck: There's a new iPhone and iPod Touch app for that. It's called Tiger Text. The app automatically deletes sent and ...Read More


What Does Five Dollars Mean to Black Women? What can you buy for five dollars?  What if five dollars was all that stood between you and hunger and homelessness?   Five dollars is not a safety net; it's barely a bag of chips.  Yet according ...Read More


What's the 'Scoop' on Groping? What's the "scoop" on sexual groping? There is no scoop. Getting felt up or fondled is old news. Ask any girl. Yet, on March 1, Los Angeles TV station KTLA 5 ran a news story titled ...Read More

Dispatches from Guyland Twenty-five years ago, when I would ask the students in my classes who planned to have families how they expected to balance work and family life, the women would typically say something like, "We're ...Read More


Prom Night for Lesbians: Tuxes and Equal Rights A young lesbian wants to wear a tux and take her girlfriend to the prom-should this really make the news in 2010? Schools in many places throughout the country remain a fierce cultural battleground ...Read More


Eating Disorders Are Not "About Control" Aren't eating disorders about control? I've lost count of the times people have said this to me, in the most well intentioned, if smugly certain, tone of voice. They're not asking the question ...Read More

Telling Our Abortion Stories "She threw herself down the stairs." That's what I heard about abortion as a kid in the '60s. I was told the young woman had risked her life in a desperate attempt to induce ...Read More

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