Wednesday, March 3, 2010

MTA: Help Fight Budget Cuts to student Metro Cards

Thank you for supporting me and all the other students who are fighting to keep our MetroCards!

Over 2,500 people signed last week after Working Families forwarded our note asking for help pressuring the MTA. We took all those signatures to the MTA Board meeting on Wednesday. (Check out the photo to the right!)

At the meeting, I stood up and spoke to the Board. I told them students wanted to work with them, the Mayor and the Governor to save Student MetroCards. I said students' views need to be heard, and that your signatures showed how much support we have from New York City.

The Board members listened, but they still haven't said they'll meet with us. We also asked Mayor Bloomberg to help us, since he has the power to make the MTA do the right thing. But we haven't heard back from him, either.

We have to keep pushing. You can help by using your Facebook account to share the "Save the MTA" petition to Mayor Bloomberg:

Share the MTA petition on Facebook.

If we lose our school MetroCards, students like me might have to start looking for work just to afford the trip to school. I don't want that to happen, and there's still time to stop it. Please help us out, and thank you again for supporting NYC students.


Praz Barua, Urban Youth Collaborative Student Union

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