Friday, March 19, 2010

This weekend: We will attend Feminist Majority National Young Feminist Leadership Conference in DC

There will be fewer blog posts this weekend, because a few of us (Amanda ReCupido, Arielle Cohen, Dan Wald, Meghan Shalvoy and I) from the NOW – NYS Young Feminist Task Force will be attending the Feminist Majority National Young Feminist Leadership Conference in DC.  We are bringing our other feminist friends along, including awesome male feminist friends.  

Three of us will be speaking on panels as well.

Meghan Shalvoy will be speaking on the following panel:

Exposing Fake Clinics                                                                            Bldg. 42 Rm. A06
Fake clinics, or so-called “crisis pregnancy centers,” target campuses and often use deceptive advertising practices to lure young women into their facilities, all the while they frequently provide misinformation about the risks of abortion and birth control. Come learn what you can do to expose fake clinics in your area and prevent them from deceiving students on your campus.
duVergne Gaines, West Coast Campus Director, Feminist Majority Foundation
Myra Duran, Co-President, University of California Los Angeles Bruin Feminists for Equality
Anton Medvedev, Terps for Choice, University of Maryland College Park 

Meghan Shalvoy, former President, Stony Brook University Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance

Dan Wald and I will be speaking together on the following one:

Ending Sexual Assault on Campus: In Search of Real Solutions         Bldg. 46 East, Auditorium
Sexual assault continues to be a major problem on college campuses. Many women are raped or experience attempted rape during their college careers. Unfortunately, many schools are silent on this issue, attempt to cover up the reality of the situation, or “fix” it with victim-blaming policies. Learn how to work with administrators to change the sexual assault policy at your school, and how to better engage the entire community in a holistic approach to ending the violence.
Kim Gandy, Vice President and General Counsel, Feminist Majority Foundation
Jerin Alam, Co-Chair, National Organization for Women Young Feminist Task Force; FMF Choices Campus Alumna
Daniel Wald, Board Member, Students Actively Fighting to End Rape

Sara Bendoraitis, Director, American University GLBTA Resource Center

While in DC, some of us will attend the following event as well:

Women Say No To War: Building Peace in War Zones Around the World Evening Celebratiion with Eve Ensler

I will be staying behind to attend the March on Washington for Health Care Reform on Monday.

We will blog about our experiences when we return.  In the meantime, you can read about our adventures via our Twitter feeds here:

For equality,
Jerin Alam
National NOW Young Feminist Task Force
NOW – NYS Young Feminist Task Force 
National Organization for Women (NOW)

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