Friday, April 30, 2010

Don't count her out: Jennifer Brunner can win Ohio Senate Primary

I'm the Political Programs Manager at WCF, and I've been working with Secretary Jennifer Brunner on her campaign for U.S. Senate for 25 days now. I have poured my blood, sweat and tears into this campaign--and I mean that literally.
But I get up every day, board the Courage Express, and work until I drop because I believe so deeply that we need Jennifer Brunner working for all Americans in Congress.

The polls would have you believe that Jennifer is out of this race. But I'm here to tell you that this race is neck and neck.
35% of Ohio voters remain undecided, and 55% might change their mind. Yesterday, a reporter from the Columbus Dispatch rode with us on the Courage Express. He sent Jennifer an email that said,

"As per the poll that you are dead in the water I have one thing to say." And then he attached a picture of President Truman holding up a paper that says, "Dewey Defeats Truman."

I'm telling you this race is still a toss-up. With Brunner driving around the state, meeting residents face-to-face, we still have the chance to earn the support needed in this primary.

And gaining enthusiastic support isn't difficult once someone meets Jennifer. People connect with her vision for Ohio and quickly come to understand why she is the best person to represent them in the Senate. Her commitment, determination, and compassion will make her an effective and bold U.S. Senator, which is what Washington really needs.

If you want to see for yourself - watch this video of Jennifer talking about her true belief in being a public servant--not just a politician.

Jennifer also has amazing supporters who keep her campaign going day after day. They give gifts, contributions and smiles. They make homemade signs and greet her at every bus stop with applause and cheers.

She hasn't backed down from this primary, and she won't back down from her beliefs in Congress.

I spoke with one man who told me, "I think we need more women in office. I'm the feminist of the family, and we need Jennifer Brunner in the Senate." This man is now making phone calls for Brunner, and she needs everyone's help, all across the county, to ensure Jennifer's victory on May 4.

If you believe that we need more than 17 women in the Senate; if you want your voice hear loud and clear in our government; if the idea of a true public servant protecting your needs;  and if you want real change and fresh perspective in Washington, then you should do whatever you can for Jennifer Brunner.

You can email Brian Morgan,, to get more information on how to help. Write "WCF Volunteer" in the subject line.

Ohio and America are counting on you. Please help spread the word by sharing my blogpost and Jennifer's video with everyone you know. Together, we can pave the path for one more strong woman in the Senate.
For Women Everywhere,

Julie Daniels
WCF Political Programs Manager

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