Monday, April 26, 2010

France and Belgium Move Toward Veil Bans

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Apr 23 2010
Mississippi, Louisiana, Moving to Ban State-Backed Insurance Abortion Coverage
The Mississippi and Louisiana state legislatures are both moving to pass legislation that would ban abortion coverage in each state's respective health insurance exchange being created as a result of the new federal health care package...
Apr 22 2010
France and Belgium Move Toward Veil Bans
French President Nicolas Sarkozy announced yesterday that he plans to introduce a ban prohibiting women from wearing a full veil in public...
Apr 21 2010
Oklahoma Senate Passes Five New Anti-Choice Bills
The Oklahoma Senate Health and Human Services Committee passed five new abortion restriction bills Monday...
Apr 20 2010
Obama Administration to Rescind Bush-Era Title IX Sports Regulation
The Obama Administration will rescind a Bush-era sports policy regulation on Title IX...
Apr 23 2010 - Missouri State Senate Passes Expanded Abortion Bill

Apr 22 2010 - Tennessee Legislators Approve Ban on State-Backed Insurance Abortion Coverage

Apr 21 2010 - Supreme Court Hears Arguments in Hastings Law Student Group Discrimination Case

Apr 20 2010 - Dorothy Height Remembered for Her Many Contributions to the Women's Movement

Apr 20 2010 - Annual Equal Pay Day to Recognize Ledbetter Act, Paycheck Fairness Act

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