Friday, April 9, 2010

Mayor Bradley (White Plains, NY) Arrested Again

Mayor Bradley (White Plains, NY) Arrested Again

Press Release

Contact: Marcia Pappas,518-452-3944 

ALBANY, NY (04/09/2010) The National Organization for Women - New York State has just learned that White Plains, NY Mayor and former Assemblyman Adam Bradley (D) has, once again, been arrested in a domestic-violence related incident. Earlier this year Bradley was charged with third degree misdemeanor assault for allegedly intentionally slamming his wife, Fumiko Bradley's finger in a door.

According to the Westchester, NY Journal News - 4/8/10, these new charges include "witness tampering, harassment, and second degree criminal contempt." It is reported that Bradley violated a White Plains Court order of protection and harassed his wife, whom he attempted to pressure into dropping the charges against him. NOW-NYS President Marcia Pappas explained that "in domestic violence situations, the abuser will become increasingly more desperate to proclaim his innocence. Bradley's newly-alleged conduct is classic abuser behavior."

Pappas also noted that when Bradley was a New York State Assemblyman he had adamantly pushed for no-fault divorce. She remarked that "the reasons for his deep love of "no-fault" are becoming increasingly obvious." Pappas explained: "The hand writing is on the wall. The monied spouse can walk out, leaving his non-monied spouse and children with no means of support."

Pappas concluded: "Bradley has many connections. At this point, any and all of his political cronies should take a step back and reconsider their support of such a person. We hope that the District Attorney will overlook these political connections and do what is right for Fumiko Bradley, for the citizens of White Plains, and for victims of abuse everywhere. Adam Bradley is not fit to be Mayor."

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