Thursday, May 6, 2010

Mothers Day Mothers of Lost Children Action Planned in Washington, DC & Queens, NY

Mothers Day Action Planned in Washington DC. Join Albany Area NOW as we board a bus to demand justice for mothers who have unjustly lost custody of their children. Details in this email.
Mothers Day Event
Protective Mothers Demanding Justice in the Courts
Co-Sponsored by the National Organization for Women
You must RSVP by May 1 to reserve a seat
Every day fine mothers lose custody of their children. Why? Because across this great nation we have a broken and corrupt court system. So-called "fathers' rights" organizations have infiltrated our government, our courts and yes, even our homes.

To make matters worse, in New York State there is extreme bias against women in the courts. Judges, attorneys, and law guardians are winking and nodding while frantic mothers try to tell of the abuse going on in their homes. What do these women get in return? They are accused of exaggerating and being uncooperative. The final straw is that children, with the explicit authorization of judges, are often kidnapped and given over to abusers.
Every day hundreds, if not thousands of such children are ripped away from their mothers and given over to abusive fathers. If the mother in question has supervised visits, she often finds bruises and other signs of abuse on the children's bodies. Reporting such abuse frequently results in THE MOTHER'S being vilified for HAVING REPORTED THE ABUSE. Consequently this mother's visitation rights are removed and she never again sees her children. 

This year, NOW and other organizations are joining forces to demand justice and to stop this state-sanctioned tyranny against women and children. Here is how you can be part of this very important effort: 
Mothers of Lost Children and their supporters will gather on Mothers' Day May 9, 2010 at 11 AM at Lafayette Park, 1600 block of Penn Ave NW, right in front of the White House.
To participate in the very important event:
1.  Contact Mary Richmond at for details.   
2.  The cost of the bus ticket is $60 round trip to DC. 
3.  Send a check or money order to Albany Area NOW, PO Box 13773, Albany, NY  12212.   
4.  Seating is limited so reserve and pay for your seat by May 1st.
5.  If you are unable to travel to DC, please consider a donation to Albany Area NOW
 (to help defray the cost of the bus and to help a "protective mother" travel to DC). 
6.   The bus will leave Albany at 1 AM on Sunday morning May 9 (i.e., really late Sat night).  Arrive in DC at 9:00 AM. You will board a 6 PM bus the same day for return to Albany.
7.  This bus will stop in New Jersey for anyone wants to join.    The stop will be on Route NJ #95 at Vince Lombardi Rest Stop (Park and Ride) Ridgefield, New Jersey.
The approximate time of the stop is 3:30 am Sunday morning.
There is also a Friday, May 7 rally in Queens, NY, for those who cannot travel to DC. Roundtrip carfare stipends will be provided as well as light lunches (McDonald's dollar menu). Please contact Angeline Hassell at 347-279-2108 or

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